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Antidetect 7

Antidetect 7 - our new brand product, created during last year and based on all our many-year work with customers. Possibilities of this tool going extremely wider and it is becoming more powerful than ever was! Before we had just only one browser with built-in settings, created for improve your anonymity on web surfing. A new product - it is not only one browser. It is all-inclusive crypted engine with many browsers on board. And each of these browsers you can configure with many flash versions, installed on-fly while you run browser. Also, you can add antidetect engine to any browser you choose and configure all javascript data. You can buy configs at our configshop (grabbing it from real PC & mobile devices each day) and insert it in antidetect easily, each config can contain thousands of parameters, headers, javascript objects specific to browser and platform, fonts, flash config! At the end, you can move your generated browser on any machine without any hardware key! Interested ? It is just only small part of new features!

With Antidetect you can change your http headers; javascript objects: full replacement of screen.*, navigator.*, plugins.*, mimeTypes.*, imitation of many functions like WebRTCPeerConnection(), battery(), geoLocation and many many others; flash data like language, screen dimensions, OS name, flash fonts; CSS Fonts.

On main window of program you can control your cryptcontainer, choose which browser you want to use as base. After this you need to decide, do you want to use antidetect or not. If yes, you should also have some configs to work with. 

Config - it is a set of javascript files, grabbed with a special method from real browser. We have special configshop and everyday update it with quality traffic.

We have new important changes. 

Addon changes:
- qualified recoded core with new professional developer; invested real big money;
- improved time of work
- changed MAIN function of software
- new addon control panel (very useful!!), you can see there short config brief, change webRTC ip on-fly, enable ip changing monitoring 

- collection of detect to test your config

Cryptcontainer now contain firefoxes from 41 to 48.

Antidetect changes:
- parameters of about:config improved, added something very interesting
- fonts bugfix
- config smart loader, when you load config from configshop, antidetect searching for weak places and correct it, removing unworking functions

- configshop with everyday update, only quality configs, moneyback for configs possible; discount for big configs count (deposit $500 get 30% discount)
- antidetect 7 tested by 100 people and dont contain stupid bugs
- EXCLUSIVE: you can move generated browser to any PC without any restrictions
- cheap prices and high quality, no monthly charges