Using AntiDetect browser to participate in token sales.

For example, let’s take the token presale market platform, which allows you to participate in the purchase of tokens at an early stage.
The initial price of tokens is always lower, which makes it possible to earn on the resale of tokens.
To participate in the token sale, you need to register and pass a short test on the knowledge of the characteristics of this token.

Accounts can be banned.

The difficulty of participating in token sales lies in the fact that the company that issues tokens sells a limited number of these tokens, and the token presale market platform also puts
limit on the maximum purchase in one hand. Thus, a queue of people who want to buy this token is created, your queue number is generated randomly, and
there is a chance not to get into the queue at all, with a large demand for a token.

The token presale market platform monitors accounts very carefully and tracks the creation of accounts from a single computer.
It will not be possible to create different accounts from the same computer even when using a proxy. The platform will still track you by unique fingerprints of your system.
You can create many virtual machines, but this will require a fairly powerful server, a large amount of memory and will take a very long time, in general it is very expensive
and uncomfortable.

Antidetect Browser.

This is where the antidetect browser comes in handy! With it, you can create multi-accounts very quickly, it is not demanding on the system, and it is easy to use.
All we need is to generate profiles with different accounts on the token presale market platform, it is advisable to set up a proxy for each profile so that the platform does not block
accounts from one computer.

Before the start of the token sale, a link will be sent to the mail with which the account on token presale market is registered. It remains only to follow the link and get the number of your queue.
The more AntiDetect browser profiles you create, the more likely you are to get into the queue and buy tokens.