TOP 14 Android antidetect browsers for traffic arbitrage (Jan 2024)

Anti-detect browsers are the main tool in traffic arbitrage, which is difficult to replace with anything. The familiar ADBs have long been used for flooding via Google and Facebook. But there are also mobile anti-detect browsers. Without them, getting shareware traffic becomes almost impossible. Here is a small TOP 14 mobile anti-detect browsers on Android that will help you in your work. Save this article to your favorites so you don’t lose it.

Why are mobile anti-detect browsers needed in traffic arbitrage?

Receiving shareware traffic.
To scale in freemium traffic, you need to have many different accounts. Downloading a fresh VPN for each account or paying for a proxy is expensive and adds a lot of problems. It is much easier to install a mobile anti-detect and reconnect to the mobile Internet each time to change fingerprints and IP.

Registration of accounts.
Experienced arbitrageurs believe that the best option for registering new accounts, for example on Facebook, will be through the mobile version – this will give you a higher trust. Mobile anti-detect browsers are ideal for these purposes; they are often easy to use and can be free.

After you have registered an account, you need to farm it. To do this, it is not at all necessary to use a desktop and a classic antidetect. If you are engaged in small-volume arbitrage, then a mobile ADB will be enough for you.

Bypassing fraud protection.
Some services may block access for users via IP for various reasons. In this case, a mobile antidetect browser will help you view the page you need.

Cheating of behavioral factors.
Behavioral factors are one of the important ranking parameters in Google. To increase these indicators, gambling SEO specialists use mobile anti-detect browsers. Only in this option you need to be careful. Since overdoing it may well bring the site under the filter.

Cheating activity.
It happens that an advertising article, creative or post needs to generate activity in the form of likes, comments, reactions. But sites can be designed in such a way that for one browser fingerprint and IP only one active action is available (one comment, one like). And then anti-detect browsers on Android come to our aid.

Elimination of competitors.
Using an anti-detect browser on Android, you can put dislikes on an opponent’s post or a certain percentage of failures on the website page of an important competitor.

TOP 14 mobile anti-detection browsers for traffic arbitrage

GoLogin is a full-fledged antidetect for Android that retains the main functionality of desktop antidetects.

The main advantages: the ability to create several different browser profiles, access to changing the GEO position, changing the time zone and information about the device used, as well as other information. The created profiles are not linked to each other, and information about them is stored in cloud storage. This means that blocking one of the created profiles will not block the others.

The ecosystem is very conveniently organized for team work: it is possible to share profiles, accounts, proxies, cookies, and other necessary information between different users without risks or problems. API available.

The application is updated frequently. And that means the new antifraud and protection system rules that services, search engines and websites create will not become a hindrance. Developers quickly solve problems that arise and roll out new solutions.

A 7-day demo version with full functionality and limited access is available for trial completely free of charge. Next, you will need to pay $50–100 to use this browser. Objectively, GoLogin is one of the best mobile anti-detectors for traffic arbitrage, which is why it is in first place on our list.

Adblock Browser is a mobile browser for safe surfing on the Internet.

It was created by the developers of the popular ad blocker Adblock. Powered by Chromium. The browser has a built-in mobile version of Adblock, which reliably hides all pop-up advertising windows, banners, intrusive video content, pop-ups, push notifications and other unwanted content.

A language filter is available in the browser. Using it, you can set a list of languages you want to use. Content in other languages will not be shown. You can watch videos without ads right in the tab. Advertising will be blocked. You can also create a separate list of sites on which advertising will not be blocked.

The developers promise that with the help of protection against cookie collection and tracking, Adblock Browser will protect the user from viruses, malware, trackers and miners.

DuckDuckGo is a well-secured browser. Created by the developers of the DuckDuckGo search engine. The app can block known trackers before they are downloaded. Protects email data tracking, opens HTTPS versions of sites by default. It also allows you to delete all data about a completed session with just the click of a one button.

The browser is lightweight, does not overload your system, and can be run even on weak smartphones. The application is completely free.

Tor Browser is a mobile application for Android from the creators of the desktop browser for anonymous surfing on the Tor network. The application is completely free. It has quite a lot of useful functions. The developers try to regularly update their application.

First, you select the server you are connecting to. All information, any data packet, goes through encryption and three randomly selected nodes before being sent through the browser. All this, together with other protection parameters, makes Internet access as secure and safe as possible.

There are three security levels available to you in your browser settings:

  • Highest – Only features needed for basic basic functionality and visiting sites without flash elements are available.
  • High—potentially dangerous functions will be disabled.
  • Normal—standard level of protection.

Brave is a mobile web browser. Its main advantage is a built-in ad blocker, which is a rarity in mobile browsers. There is also a built-in completely anonymous search engine that works using the algorithms of the Yandex search engine. Brave automatically blocks all built-in Flash elements, trackers, information harvesters, and other potentially malicious features. There is a built-in VPN and firewall.

The useful settings highlight:

  • You can make anonymous video calls in your browser window.
  • You can connect up to four users to Brave at the same time. If more users are needed, then a monthly tariff is issued.
  • Random digital trail. Each new session will be unique.
  • Built-in crypto wallet. Opportunity to earn BAT coin for viewing advertisements.

Max Browser is an anti-detection browser for Android with built-in VPN. Allows you to connect to more than fifty points. Built-in blocker of plugins, scripts, advertising. The browser is free. Developers release updates quite often.

However, many users describe disadvantages in reviews. Some users complain about the site’s slow loading speed, inconvenient buttons, and primitive design.

Osiris is one of the safe browsers for surfing various internet pages. The main functionality is manual replacement of time zones and IP addresses. Ability to create several different profiles while saving individual settings. Very convenient for multi-accounting.

Some useful additional features include:

  • Tracking protection.
  • Ad blocker, including blocking and regional advertising.
  • Protects against sites without HTTPS.
  • Disables access to payment methods.
  • Automatically closes tabs when exiting.

InBrowser is a private mobile browser that automatically erases all your data after exiting. Cleans everything: browsing history, sessions, cookies. Incognito mode is always enabled by default. You can edit localization information and select a search language. Great for work when you need to check the search results of other GEOs for keywords. It is possible to disable loading images and enable blocking of plugins and Java scripts.

Ghostery Private Browser is a mobile anti-detection browser for Android.

It has a minimalistic design and protection from website tracking systems. A useful feature is built-in protection against unnecessary advertising. The browser is based on Firefox. Good independent search results that do not take into account the user’s previous interests and queries. When visiting websites, Ghostery Private Browser replaces the user’s personal data with random information. This prevents trackers from receiving the correct information.

You can create a blacklist of sites that will no longer open in the current browser. The function of blocking sites without an SSL certificate – HTTPS is also available.

The developers claim that they constantly block more than a billion trackers from different users. There are special statistics for tracking blocked trackers.

The browser also has a limited free plan.

Firefox Focus is a mobile antidetecter from Mozilla. It also protects users from hidden trackers and surveillance. You can use the enhanced tracking protection mode, which allows you to block ads, social trackers, Java elements, web fonts, systems for collecting statistics and analytics, elements that slow down site page loading speed, and other unwanted functions.

Kameleo is a full-fledged anti-detection tool for Android that allows you to create different profiles with the ability to quickly switch between accounts.

Built-in VPN with automatic identity masking mode. The browser is efficient and easy to use, but is not popular. The main drawback is that it is only available with a paid subscription.

Dolphin and Dolphin Zero

These are different browsers, but with the same name, corresponding to the desktop anti-detect Dolphin Anty.

Dolphin Zero is a free browser for safe web surfing.

Its advantages:

  • After logging out, it automatically clears entered passwords, history, cache, cookies and all other traces of your stay.
  • Ability to select the type of device to display in monitoring services.
  • Minimalistic interface – only pages and their content, nothing extra.
  • The browser weighs less than 1 MB.

Of course, the application has its drawbacks: There is no ad blocking. Sometimes there are glitches in the translator.

Dolphin Browser is a proprietary version of Dolphin Zero.

The main difference from the Dolphin Zero browser is the greater flexibility to adapt to the personal needs of users. There are built-in themes, synchronization with other browsers is possible, as well as other useful features. The only thing is that it is not suitable for traffic arbitrage.

Tenta is a mobile browser for Android with built-in True VPN. Updated quite often by developers. Protects information about the sites you visited from information collectors, trackers, and even Internet providers. A copy of your browser profile is yours alone. Account information is not stored in the cloud or on the developers’ servers.

How to choose a mobile antidetect browser?

When choosing a mobile antidetect browser for Android, you need to consider important factors:

Ability to create different profiles.
If you need antidetect for multi-accounts, then a browser without creating separate profiles will not suit you. You won’t be able to switch between accounts to quickly complete important tasks.

Download speed.
If the browser is used exclusively for safe surfing on the Internet, first of all take into account the speed of the selected browser and the loading speed of Internet pages.

Tracking protection.
If your main goal is to maintain your privacy, then be sure to choose a browser with the highest tracking protection. For example, such as Ghostery Private Browser.

Affordable price.
If you collect shareware traffic yourself through a mobile antidetect, then it would be best to use browser options with free access. But in the case of a full-fledged team, it will be wiser and more profitable to buy a subscription and use the application with the whole team without any restrictions.


Mobile antidetect – browser is a program not only for arbitrageurs. But it is also an indispensable thing in our time, allowing us to avoid annoying advertising, save personal information and prevent various sites and large corporations from collecting personal information about the user.