AdsPower – the perfect anti-detect browser for multi-accounting purposes

AdsPower is a user-friendly anti-detect browser that opens up unique possibilities for seamless interaction with ad platforms and marketing tools. Its specialized fingerprint settings empower you to efficiently oversee extensive control systems across various domains. AdsPower is widely recognized as an expertly-made multi-account management tool and is highly esteemed for its robust and efficient toolkit.

Key capabilities

  • Automating daily tasks. AdsPower lets you easily automate routine tasks using local API and the universal RPA bot.
  • Teamwork. AdsPower algorithms will improve your business operations and ensure your teamwork is smooth and problem-free. The team’s KPIs will skyrocket, but not their workload.
  • Data protection. All the data (both in transition and storage) is reliably secured, ensuring total confidentiality. Each member of the team will have access to their share of the info.


AdsPower seamlessly integrates with widely-used web analytics tools such as Google Analytics and similar platforms. Additionally, AdsPower offers two child browser options, Sun Browser and Flower Browser, both Chromium and Firefox-based, respectively. These subsidiary browsers not only enhance your speed but also bolster data security for an all-around improved user experience.


AdsPower has a basic free tariff plan with a low number of users but an extensive toolkit. There are several more expensive plans, with the specific price being determined by the number of main and additional users, profiles and preferred features. The price also varies based on whether you pay for 1 month or 12, with the latter option earning you a 40% discount. There’s also a custom plan. A yearly subscription to the most expensive plan will set a team back $30 a month.

Pros and cons


  • A wide choice of tools: AdsPower makes optimizing your ad campaigns incredibly easy. It lets you easily track and analyze info about your traffic, conversions, ROI and other metrics.
  • Tech support: The AdsPower dev team provides excellent user support. They also regularly release updates and improvements based on user feedback.


  • Synchronization: Synchronizing certain settings for individual accounts and profiles within a team can occasionally pose challenges.
  • No classification of items: The browser’s App Center can be a bit difficult to figure out and find the necessary feature and//or icon.

Rating and reviews

AdsPower gets an average of 94/100 points thanks to its reliability and functionality. Users especially note the superb performance of the Sun and Flower mini browsers.

Still, some people think the actual AdsPower interface could use some work – it looks boring while sometimes gobbling up up to 2 GB of RAM.

Suitable for

AdsPower would be perfect for marketers, market analysts and anyone engaged in online business activities. AdsPower is also the common choice among agencies and online ad groups. It can be a great help in promoting your brands and ad campaigns in a heavily competitive environment.