Dolphin {anty} – an ADB tailored for affiliate marketing teams

Dolphin is an advanced anti-detection browser that boasts a wide array of cutting-edge features tailored to the needs of SMM, online and affiliate marketing. Its sophisticated algorithms and customizable settings enable you to operate seamlessly even when managing a substantial number of accounts. As a result, Dolphin has witnessed a surge in popularity among webmasters and marketing professionals, particularly in Russia, China, and across the English-speaking world in recent years.

Key capabilities

  • Flexible fingerprint settings. Dolphin provides its users with the ability to emulate various browser and device settings. It collects fingerprints from real users and devices and gives them away when creating new profiles.
  • Managing cookies and sessions. Dolphin lets you easily process cookies and save sessions, thereby ensuring access to profiles and settings at any time. This enables you to seamlessly transfer between different profiles.
  • Usability. The browser allows you to take convenient notes and edit some parameters, including proxies, without even accessing your profile. You can also use it to bookmark things in a folder and move with it across browsers without logging out or risking getting banned.


Dolphin has special software designed specifically for Facebook and TikTok. Dolphin Cloud has been on the market for a while now. And Dolphin TT is still in beta testing but is already available for purchase. Each one has separate customizable price plans.


Dolphin provides a free plan with a fairly comprehensive range of features, along with various paid subscription options based on the number of profiles you wish to create. Furthermore, in all subscription tiers, you have the option to add multiple profiles at a cost of $10 each. Additionally, anyone purchasing a six-month subscription is entitled to a 20% discount. This means that Dolphin’s pricing varies, ranging from $70 to $240, depending on the plan you choose and whether you need additional profiles.

As for Dophin Cloud and Dolphin TT, they both offer a 3-day free trial. The Basic plan costs $29 and the Professional one is $99. Dolphin Cloud also lets you pay extra for additional profiles.

Pros and cons


  • Flexible settings: Dolphin provides a complete set of tools for analyzing and optimizing your ad campaigns. This browser helps you track and analyze data on traffic, conversions, ROI and other crucial parameters.
  • Web API: Dolphin lets you use Web API instead of the local one. This allows you to access anti-detect features and data from any network access point, as well as from any device with an Internet connection.


  • Limited features: When it comes to Dolphin Cloud and Dolphin TT, some users think that the list of offered functions doesn’t justify the price.
  • Loose ends: Dolphin TT is still in beta development. Moreover, some features are still being added to the main ADB version as well.

Rating and reviews

In different parts of the Internet, Dolphin mainly receives good ratings from users due to its focus on affiliate marketing and social media; its rating on sits at 4.6/5 (or 92/100 to be exact).

The reviews on the ADB’s official website note that it’s a convenient option for Mac users and praise its generally fast speed, even when having several profiles open at once. However, when working with Dolphin Cloud, some users complained about minor bugs and shortcomings, but those were quickly rectified by the support team.

Suitable for

Dolphin is an excellent choice for people who work with mainstream social networks for affiliate marketing purposes. It can help you quickly scale your ad campaigns and constantly swap out creatives in multiple accounts at once. Specifically, if you focus mainly or exclusively on Facebook or TikTok, the appropriate Dolphin product is for you.