GhostBrowser – a great ADB for online businesses and educational systems

GhostBrowser offers a range of truly innovative products that find applications in various fields, such as online marketing, web development, and business account management. This ADB has gained popularity in numerous countries and serves as an essential tool for individuals seeking to maintain online anonymity throughout their workday.

Key capabilities

  • Extensions and additional features: GhostBrowser can be integrated with popular social media platforms, making it easier to manage multiple accounts and once and post content. This browser can also be upgraded through the use of 30 Google Chrome-based extensions.
  • Session division: GhostBrowser lets you separate sessions by tabs, making it easier to switch between tasks without needing to repeatedly log into each account.


GhostBrowser seamlessly integrates with a wide range of office software, including Google Workspace and Microsoft Office. Moreover, it boasts compatibility with Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems. This versatility makes it effortless to integrate the browser into your workflow, allowing you to enhance your KPIs, even when working remotely.


GhostBrowser offers a very convenient free trial version, which lets you have up to 4 online personalities. There’s no time limit and you can enjoy Ghost Proxy support.

You have the flexibility to upgrade to a more feature-rich paid plan whenever you feel like it. You can opt for the standard subscription priced at $21 per month, which grants you the ability to work with an unlimited number of accounts. Alternatively, there’s a PRO subscription available at $46 per month, enabling you to connect individual proxies to your profiles without any limitations.

Pros and cons


  • Managing multiple profiles: This ADB lets you work with multiple profiles simultaneously, making online marketing and SMM tasks that much easier, especially if you’re a business. The browser doesn’t just help create bot accounts to rack up stats but also actively warms them up.
  • Crypto payments: Unlike many services, GhostBrowser doesn’t just accept crypto payments, but actively encourages users to choose that option.


  • Limited features: Some of the extended features are only available in the more expensive tariff plans.
  • Optimization: People have noted that this browser takes up a larger part of the computer’s resources and works slower than its competitors.

Rating and reviews

When it comes to efficiency, GhostBrowser holds an average rating of 82/100. Users appreciate its fast performance and that it effectively deals with its primary task – enhancing KPIs via multi-accounting and saving sessions. However, there are some who believe that setting up some of its extensions can be a hassle, unlike simple browsers like Chrome or Firefox.

Suitable for

GhostBrowser was originally designed specifically to increase productivity and enable its users to easily manage multiple online profiles. That makes this browser perfect for online businesses and even educational systems. The browser’s website even features reviews of several successful cases that highlight just how convenient GhostBrowser is when it comes to creating test systems with questions and answers.