GoLogin – a multi-functional ADB for affiliate marketing and working through multiple accounts

GoLogin is primarily focused on working with professional business accounts and marketing campaigns that require a high degree of anonymity. Originally developed in the State to hide from Uncle Sam, the browser quickly became popular in countries that face a similar problem.

Key capabilities

Unique fingerprint parameters: provides the ability to create a variety of browser fingerprints, with customizable parameters including browser version, language, plugins, and more.

A multitude of profiles: Users can create, manage and upload profiles to the cloud. Each one has its own settings and anonymous data parameters.

Session import and export: GoLogin lets you import and export sessions to make switching between profiles and devices more convenient. This means you can operate within a smooth ecosystem, which is especially beneficial for teams.


GoLogin can easily integrate with various programs and platforms such as Google, Facebook, Amazon, Instagram and LinkedIn, enabling you to operate there without worrying about getting banned. Moreover, GoLogin also has its own browser, Orbita, used to access the Tor dark-web network.


GoLogin offers multiple options and each one has a free trial option. The prices are worth it if you’re a large professional team. There are price plans worth $24, $49, $99 that have different numbers of available profiles and spots for team members. There’s also a Custom plan that starts at $159.

Pros and cons


  • Highly flexible settings: GoLogin has an extensive list of settings to create unique profiles and scenarios. The ADB lets you hide and manage your fingerprints, easily adjust all the parameters that websites see. The profiles you create do not overlap, so websites won’t ban them.
  • Mobile version: With GoLogin you don’t need to limit yourself to working from the office, since it has a separate mobile interface. Just download the GoLogin Android app and edit your profiles from anywhere in the world.


  • Not beginner-friendly: GoLogin has a lot of features. Newbies will need some time to figure them all out and learn to properly use the settings.
  • Cost: For some, these tariff plans could seem a bit pricey. And the only way to get a discount is to pay for 12 months in advance.

Rating and reviews

The GoLogin browser is a popular option, its rating is 96/100. Users mention that it makes it easy to do online sales and marketing from dozens of accounts. Though some people doubt that GoLogin guarantees 100% data security. People also don’t like that the ADB is incompatible with certain proxies.

Suitable for

GoLogin is ideal for professionals involved in online internet marketing, data analytics and other areas where anonymity and the ability to quickly work with several profiles at the same time are pivotal.