Incogniton – an advanced ADB for safe and anonymous web surfing

Incogniton is a powerful anti-detect browser used in multiple countries that supports lots of GEOs and proxies. With its help, you can effectively manage your social media profiles by quickly changing your geolocation. This service is perfect for a bunch of tasks – from regular anonymous web-surfing to global e-com operations.

Key capabilities

  • Data sync: Incogniton lets you save extensive volumes of data. It can also synchronize the latter across multiple devices and platforms.
  • High-quality traffic generation: Incogniton enables you to manage several unique virtual browser profiles that generate the cleanest of traffic.
  • Emulating human action: Incogniton provides for emulation of realistic text generation to quickly fill out website forms.


Incogniton can be integrated with many VPNs and antiviruses, all the while not sacrificing performance speed and stability. It also doesn’t eat up a lot of RAM. Furthermore, Incogniton works quickly and securely with many well-known cryptocurrency and NFT platforms, such as the OpenSea exchange.


The browser has both a free trial and full-fledged paid versions with an extended set of features. When paying for any plan 6 months in advance, you can claim a 30% discount, in which case the cheapest option will set you back $21 a month, and the most expensive (even without the discount) – $150.

Pros and cons


  • Fast scaling: When you have multiple Incognition profiles, you can expand on the score of services you provide and redistribute the traffic you generate to other market segments.
  • Effective partnership: In addition to traffic, you can also downsize the workload by creating accounts for your team members with different logins and assigning them specific roles and tasks.


  • Not all OSs supported: Incogniton can run on Windows and Mac, while Linux and other narrowly focused OS users might experience problems.
  • Difficult setup: Some Incogniton features need to be set up manually, which might be troublesome. Though that’s why the website has a separate guide.

Rating and reviews

Oddly enough, online users can’t seem to find common ground regarding what they think of Incogniton. For example, rates this ADB 5/5 and praises it for its fast performance speed and stability, even when using lots of proxies and FB accounts.

At the same time, if you go to Trustpilot, you’ll find people complaining about issues with canceling subscriptions and logging in, as well as poor customer support. This portal gives Incogniton a 3.4/5, which, along with the previous score, leaves us with an average of 84/100.

Suitable for

Incogniton is perfect for affiliate marketing. This is an excellent tool for anyone looking to access blocked web resources. It’ll also make a great choice for anyone looking to expand the list of the marketing services they engage in and redistribute the traffic they generate to other market segments.