Kameleo – the perfect platform for managing digital assets

Kameleo is a simple but superb solution for online privacy purposes. This anti-detect browser lets you avoid leaving browser fingerprints at all by instead using virtual profiles. The service is mainly aimed at digital marketers and people who prefer to surf the web safely and discreetly. This ADB was developed in Hungary and isn’t too well-known in other countries, but it’s gaining ground among narrow specialist groups.

Key capabilities

  • Profile management. Kameleo lets you adjust the browser fingerprint for each virtual profile. And thanks to the Intelligent Canvas Spoofing technology, users are able to bypass even the most modern of bot-detection systems.
  • Mobile profiles. Kameleo Mobile works equally well on both Android and iOS with just 2 clicks. Websites regard access from mobile devices to be more secure, which is why Kameleo Mobile users don’t get as many CAPTCHAs and security checks.
  • Web browser automation. The browser allows you to launch hundreds of virtual browser profiles with just a few lines of code using the Kameleo Local API. You can easily manage them using automation frameworks including Selenium, Puppeteer or Playwright.


Kameleo includes built-in tools for anonymous connections, including VPNs and SOCKS5 proxies. Moreover, the browser works just fine with Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge Support even on mobile devices. Kameleo can also run Selenium and even Python.


Kameleo doesn’t offer a free trial version. You’re forced to choose between 3 price plans – €59, €89 and €199 with different sets of features. You can get a 15% discount when paying for 6 months in advance, which means the cheapest option will set you back €50 a month.

Pros and cons


  • Simple web-scraping. Kameleo can run hundreds of virtual browser profiles with just a few lines of code using the Kameleo Local API. Each browser stores data separately, thereby avoiding bot tracking algorithms.
  • Automation integration. Kameleo not only allows you to automatically create hundreds of profiles, but also manage browsers using popular automation platforms like Selenium, Puppeteer or Playwright.


  • Not very well-known: Kameleo is still largely a Hungarian solution, which is why it lacks many language layouts and certain services. Additionally, its toolkit, while sufficient, can’t really be termed extensive.
  • Inflated prices: Kameleo doesn’t offer a free trial and even the cheapest tariff plan will set you back €50-59 a month, which might be a little too pricey.

Rating and reviews

Despite not being very well-known, Kameleo gets mainly positive user reviews thanks to its flexibility and advanced fingerprint management features. Its rating currently sits at 84/100. Users appreciate the speed and flexibility when it comes to creating browser profiles with any GEO parameters and a multitude of language layouts. However, some users have pointed out that Kameleo’s spoofing is a bit iffy and doesn’t always successfully pass Pixelscan.

Suitable for

Kameleo is an excellent choice for managing digital assets. It provides users with a large set of tools that enable them to optimize the way they work with web projects, including websites and blogs. Therefore, Kameleo is great for SMM, online marketing and retail.