Lalicat – best browser for anonymously surfing the web and Tor

Lalicat is a special browser that was inspired by Google Chrome. However the list of features Lalicat has to offer is a lot longer, since this ADB works great with Tor. HQ’ed in Hong Kong and quite popular in Europe, this browser offers decent solutions for users wishing to hide their personal data.

Key capabilities

  • Unique device fingerprints: Lalicat lets you set up and manage unique device fingerprints, which helps users avoid identification filters and being monitored by both official bodies and scammers.
  • Various profiles: The browser lets you create multiple profiles with different settings. This is useful for when you’re micromanaging multiple campaigns at once, and each one has different tasks.
  • VPN integration: Lalicat was specifically designed to work with VPNs and proxies, thereby ensuring an additional level of security and anonymity when using the web.


Lalicat integrates well with various e-com programs and marketplace websites such as Amazon, eBay, Shopify, and AliBaba. This makes Lalicat the ideal browser to enhance any online marketing business.


The price you pay for Lalicat depends not on the features you want, but on the number of users. The browser has a 3-day trial period with all the features available for testing. There’s also a number of monthly tariff plans: Personal ($59), Solo ($99), Team ($209), and even Company ($499). It also lets you customize the traffic settings.

Pros and cons


  • Flexible settings: You get the ability to create lots of profiles with unique device fingerprints. This makes this ADB a useful tool for any team, since each member can get their own settings and role.
  • Proxy support: Lalicat supports a lot of powerful proxies, like 911 s5, YiLu, Luminati, Seller Netnut, Oxylabs and others.


  • Narrow focus: Lalicat was originally designed to work through VPN servers, and not all users agree that that’s an effective strategy.
  • Cost: The paid options might seem a bit overpriced for some, especially if you’re buying the ADB for just 1-2 people.

Rating and reviews

Lalicat gets mainly positive reviews thanks to its reliability; its rating is 90/100. Users take note of its effectiveness in ensuring their anonymity and its ability to combat online surveillance measures. Still, some users would prefer Lalicat to provide the plugin options offered by other leading browsers.

Suitable for

Lalicat is mainly used for private anonymous web-browsing and online marketing. It’s also a favorite of ad agencies, who use it to set up and effectively manage social media accounts. Lalicat is also a great choice for affiliate marketers that focus on the gambling and betting verticals.