MoreLogin – the safest service for multi-account activities on all social media

The MoreLogin ADB is actively used in a number of countries, ensuring its users can browse the web safely and anonymously. This is a perfect option for regular users. But in general, this ADB is designed for users looking to use multiple accounts across social media, online marketplaces and other platforms.

Key capabilities

  • High performance: MoreLogin operates at high speeds and barely takes up any RAM, making your experience a stable and comfortable one.
  • Security: MoreLogin provides a high level of security thanks to its unique data encryption mechanisms. Its fingerprints aren’t 100% unique, but close, making platform algorithms view them as more trustworthy.
  • Convenience: MoreLogin offers a simple and intuitive interface, one that even a newbie or non-professional would be able to quickly get the hang of.


MoreLogin can be integrated with an unlimited number of VPNs and anti-viruses. This allows you to protect all your devices and for all people using the same browser copy. Moreover, MoreLogin lets you work through accounts on social networks like FaceBook, TikTok, etc., without needing to worry about getting banned or losing your data.


MoreLogin has a very affordable pricing plan. This ADB offers an unlimited free trial version with 2 profiles. There’s also an extended plan for only $9 a month. The main option with the most features is the Custom one. The price for that one depends on the number of accounts you need and people that will use the browser.

Pros and cons


  • A convenient way to manage your business: The browser helps increase sales across different regions on the same platform, as well as expand into other product categories.
  • Affiliate program: MoreLogin lets you expand your ad coverage thanks to an unlimited number of profiles, as well as avoid brand dilution and build up its reputation by dividing each segment.


  • Initial setup: Setting up the IP addresses and proxy server for the first time can be quite the challenge for some users.
  • Similar tariff plans: Unlike many other entries on this list, MoreLogin offers few tariff plan options and discounts, which might not be the most cost-effective solution.

Rating and reviews

Based on user reviews, MoreLogin gets a rating of 96/100. People mainly note that working with this ADB is easy, thanks to its user-friendly interface and intuitively-simple parameters.

At the same time, others complain that there’s only an Android mobile version of the browser. Currently, there is no iOS version available, thereby using MoreLogin from an iPhone is impossible.

Suitable for

MoreLogin is a perfect choice for people looking to take their business to new unexplored areas: from affiliate marketing to ticket sales. For the latter specifically, MoreLogin can help not just the online ticket sellers, but the buyers as well. This ADB saves you a lot of time and lets you risk-manage in a way that preserves your profits.