Multilogin – best anti-detect app for scaling your business

Multilogin offers fully customizable accounts, automation features, team management and 24/7 support to be able to grow in even the most cut-throat industries. Thousands of companies have already entrusted Multilogin with their business success. Forget about bans and make use of stable virtual profiles and real fingerprints.

Key capabilities

  • Automation for enhancing your competitiveness. Since this browser is tailored for business needs, it helps users compete with industry sharks. This ADB minimizes the menial labor you need to do thanks to automation features for creating accounts, making sales and much more.
  • Secure teamwork. By using the Teamwork 2.0 service, you can improve your teamwork to make sure you interact with each other quickly and efficiently, regardless of the company size of the actual location of your colleagues.
  • Reliable data storage. Multilogin securely encrypts and stores data in the AWS cloud with low fault tolerance. So you won’t need to worry about data security or operational stability.


Multilogin can integrate with a large number of OSs. For better import/export, it allows you to use Cookies, and also makes it possible to set up WebRTC modes and JSNavigator parameters. Multilogin can also optimize the performance of any ad campaign using Multicores and emulating text input and providing full compatibility with M1/M2 chips.


Multilogin has no trial version because it’s designed for long-term use from the get-go. It has 3 main plan options – SOLO for €891/year or €99/month, TEAM for €1,791/year or €199/month and SCALE for €3,591/year or €399/month. The difference between them is primarily the list of available features for team activities. That’s why purchasing Multilogin for a long period is the more lucrative option, especially for teams.

Pros and cons


  • Child browsers: Multilogin has 2 kid browsers – Mimic (running on Google’s Chromium engine) and Stealthfox (Firefox engine) – with additional fingerprint management features. Unlike the original browsers, they don’t transfer data to Google and are more reliable than the built-in Mozilla options.
  • Total coverage: Multilogin lets you expand your scope and increase sales across multiple channels and ad campaigns simultaneously, while also analyzing your competitors’ strategies and automating tasks across multiple platforms at the same time. All this will help you save a bunch of time and money.


  • Pricing policy: Multilogin, unlike many ADBs, charges in EUR instead of dollars. This alone makes it one of the most expensive browsers of its kind.
  • Instability: Users occasionally find their accounts blocked when faced with the need to update their version of Multilogin. Unfortunately, this ADB doesn’t have an auto-update feature.

Rating and reviews

Multilogin boasts very high user reviews 96/100. Its advantages include its quick profile sharing feature and the fact that the devs constantly find new ways to improve the service and make it easier to use.

Still, some users complain that they occasionally lose profiles when using the automatic multi-stream feature, as well as cookies and passwords. But no one is sure where it’s Multilogin’s fault or not.

Suitable for

Whether you’re looking to increase your reach and sales, or manage thousands of affiliate marketing ad accounts, Multilogin provides solutions for every area. It can easily make sure your betting and ticketing accounts stay secure. As for crypto users, Multilogin guarantees their anonymity, safety of data and funds.