Octo Browser

Octo Browser – a single ADB for all purposes

Octo Browser is a comprehensive and feature-packed web browser that lets you surf the web without any restriction. Despite the extensive capabilities it offers, its profiles don’t need to be set up – they can be created in just one click, enabling you to get started instantly. Moreover, Octo Browser is renowned for its swift and expert technical support, always ready to address your queries and even offering remote assistance when needed.

Key capabilities

  • Multi-accounts. Each Octo Browser profile has a browser fingerprint with its own set of parameters, which lets you manage thousands of accounts from one device.
  • Managing fingerprints. Octo Browser’s fingerprint management is done in the Chromium engine, which allows you to protect your device from additional checks for spoofing.
  • Cookie. Each profile has its own cookies, ones that don’t seem suspicious to the websites that check them, since the former are imported in the Json and Netscape formats.


Octo Browser is an excellent multi-account option for any service — Amazon, CoinList, Facebook, TikTok, Google, Winline. Octo Browser also runs on Windows, Intel/Apple MacOS and Linux and supports all the popular and reliable proxies. Moreover, it seamlessly and effortlessly passes popular check services like Pixelscan, BrowserLeaks, Whoer, CreepJS and IP-API.


Octo Browser doesn’t have a free trial version, instead having several tariff plans, including a custom option that can be tailored to match your team size. You can also get discounts based on the length of the plan you purchase – 1, 3, 6 or 12 months. The bigger the period, the larger the discount. Basically, Octo Browser can cost anywhere between $21 and $300+.

Pros and cons


  • Account farming: Account farming is a crucial affiliate marketing income strategy. Octo Browser lets you leap over registration barriers and handles the warm-up phase on its own by imitating the behavior of real users and making sure the mod algorithms don’t get suspicious.
  • Extending account lifespan: To extend the lifespan of the accounts you buy, Octo Browser lets you pick out a fingerprint as similar as possible to the one used to create the accounts.
  • Bypassing regional restrictions: Octo Browser also lets you easily bypass regional restrictions with the help of proxies. Moreover, Octo Browser users are entitled to a discount when purchasing partnered proxies.


  • Redundancy: Octo Browser has tons of features, but not everyone will have a need for them, making it a questionable use of funds and RAM.
  • Paid software: Octo Browser doesn’t have a free trial version, something that might scare off users with a limited budget or simply those that haven’t yet decided on what ADB they want.

Rating and reviews

Octo Browser gets average-tier reviews, sitting at 88/100. On one hand, users really appreciate the extensive toolkit this ADB offers and the fact that they can be adapted to all sorts of tasks, verticals and ad campaigns. On the other hand, some users claim that Octo Browser works slowly on their devices and occasionally crashes. It also might lack some plugins and options, like one for reading pdf files.

Suitable for

Octo Browser is suitable for advanced users like web designers, marketers and researchers that are looking for a high level of anonymity and automated web processes. This ADB provides powerful tools for dealing with complicated tasks. Overall, Octo Browser is a good choice for solving a multitude of goals and working in many verticals, since it was specifically designed to be universally applicable.