SmartProxy – provides access to your competitors’ business data in any GEO using proxies

SmartProxy is an anti-detect browser aimed at ensuring security and anonymity when you’re analyzing the market. Its list of advantages includes a unique way of managing fingerprints and fast data sync across all devices. You can also get free access to this ADB if you have an active subscription to any of the local proxies. So if you work mainly from the US, Germany, the UK or even Japan, SmartProxy is definitely your go-to tool!

Key capabilities

  • Global reach: SmartProxy provides a high level of data processing and anonymity, camouflaging your GEO and bypassing CAPTCHAs thanks to 65+ million proxies in more than 195 countries.
  • Smart proxy management: The browser offers a feature known as “smart” proxy server management, which can be easily set up in just a few clicks. This feature empowers users to efficiently manage their online sessions for a smoother browsing experience.
  • API parsing: APIs make it easy to collect public data using synchronous, asynchronous, and batch requests. By doing this, they provide stable support for cookies, as well as granular processing of websites with a lot of JavaScript.


SmartProxy can be integrated with online marketing services like Amazon and the sort. This significantly simplifies the workflow and that includes SEO and web-scraping. SmartProxy also works fast when used together with Bing.


There’s no free trial version available for SmartProxy directly. However, you can get one by purchasing a subscription to one of the local proxies.

The cheapest subscription option for this ADB and several proxies will cost you $8.5 a month. For anyone interested in more extensive and premium packages, there are various plans available, with prices ranging from $39 to $100.

Pros and cons


  • Anonymity: SmartProxy offers a remarkably high level of online anonymity. It effectively mitigates the risk of getting banned by utilizing resident proxies and redirecting requests through real devices, ensuring a robust level of security and anonymity for its users.
  • Refund policy: Whatever tariff plan you end up choosing, you have the right to request a full refund within the first 2 weeks.


  • Complicated interface: SmartProxy offers some features that might take people a while to figure out, especially newbies that aren’t well-versed yet in dealing with proxies and other 3rd party services.
  • Limited features in the free version: The browser’s free version has a pretty limited toolkit compared to the paid options. And it also works through a residential proxy.

Rating and reviews

On its own website, SmartProxy claims its rating is 96/100. Users take note of the high level of anonymity it provides and how easy it is to manage proxies, even with the help of Python. Another advantage is its 24/7 tech support service.

However, others mention some issues regarding payment. When using the Pay as You Go feature and using up your traffic volumes too quickly, the service might stop working for a little while.

Suitable for

SmartProxy is perfect for web-analysts and e-com specialists. This ADB is also a great solution for business owners, especially ones that deal with online marketing and data analysis. It helps collect data from your competitors and design a strategy to boost the performance of your ad campaigns and business plans.