Ultimate Orb

Ultimate Orb – a perfect tool for SMM and affiliate marketing that is changing the rules of the game

Ultimate Orb sets itself apart from other products by not relying on noise to deceive bot tracking systems, instead it utilizes genuine fingerprints in every configuration, thanks to its innovative spoofing technology. According to the developers, this approach is currently the best way to emulate real user behavior.

Key capabilities

  • One-window management. Window cloning makes it impossible to comfortably work with a large number of profiles. That’s why Ultimate Orb lets you manage hundreds of active profiles at once within a single window.
  • More than just an ADB. Ultimate Orb uses only real fingerprints without any restrictions and regardless of website type. Additionally, it has no trouble passing all popular check services – something not all entries on this list can boast of.
  • Automatic import. No need to waste time manually creating profiles and importing data. The browser can pick out the best settings and upload Cookies to new ready-made profiles all on its own.


Ultimate Orb has designed lots of its own original features and software. These include SPACES (virtual desktops), SMART TABS (a convenient way to work with tabs), HUBS (setup and connection managing) and Data Center (a detailed system for managing data). Ultimate Orb also lets you work with lots of profiles and automatically create them using the Magic Import service.


The browser offers a temporary free version, and afterward, you have the option to upgrade to a more comprehensive PRO subscription. There are three subscription tiers available: Newbie for six months, Medium for one year, and Expert for over a year. The differences in their features are relatively minor. Both Medium and Expert include a private chat with the developer, with the latter also granting early access to updates.

But Ultimate Orb mostly focuses on tariff plan customization – it lets you select the number of days and users. The more of both, the more lucrative and cost-efficient your price. You also have 24 hours to ask for a refund if something goes wrong.

Pros and cons


  • Hub support: Hubs let you collect and store in one place all the data you need to work productively – proxies, downloads and profile histories. This significantly facilitates the data-managing process.
  • Free proxies: Ultimate Orb gives you free, unlimited access to thousands of proxies from the built-in pool and allows you to quickly launch profiles with them.


  • Compatibility: Ultimate Orb might not be entirely compatible with certain OSs and services, since it’s relatively new. This might cause trouble when you’re trying to access specific resources.
  • Updates: Moreover, because the devs are busy ridding the service of bugs, it’s constantly getting updated, which can hamper the performance speed during downloads of new features and versions.

Rating and reviews

Despite only recently appearing on the market, Ultimate Orb has already been well received by users and has a rating of 92/100. Users generally praise the fact that the browser grants them access to unlimited free proxies, as well as its flexible payment system that lets you choose the period you wish to pay for. There are some cons – minor bugs, but their number is decreased with each coming update.

Suitable for

Ultimate Orb was originally designed for affiliate marketing, therefore it’s perfect for webmasters and SMM specialists looking to design new strategies for their ad campaigns. But it can still be a useful tool for anyone looking for ways to manage multiple accounts on one platform or even one browser tab. With its powerful technical solutions and user-friendly interface, Ultimate Orb is worth a try for anyone looking to improve their professional performance and boost their KPIs.