Undetectable Browser – lets you manage an unlimited number of accounts

At the moment, Undetectable Browser is probably the best anti-detect browser for affiliate marketing. It enables you to create an unlimited number of accounts on any platform from a single device and not worry about data security. The browser is world-famous and has recently been gaining ground in Russia as well.

Rating 100 / 100
Free-trial limited number (10 un.) of browser profiles
Price from $49 per month on the basic plan
China Germany Russian English Vietnamese
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Key capabilities

  • Multiple profiles. The browser lets you manage thousands of profiles from a single device, with social media treating each account as a unique one.
  • Automation and API. By utilizing automation tools like Puppeteer or Playwright, the software enables you to process routine activities more quickly.
  • Fingerprint imitation. Local fingerprints are a set of data collected from real browsers and devices. If you dabble around with customizable settings, all your fingerprints will reflect the changes.


Undetectable Browser supports almost all major operating systems and browsers, including Windows, macOS and Linux. On top of that, you can layer on VPNs, spy tools and proxies to increase your performance in a specific GEO. This browser also has a local API that allows you to get lists of profiles and micromanage them.


Undetectable Browser offers several lucrative tariff plans. The simplest one is free and there’s no time limit to using it. It lacks most features but has up to 10 browser fingerprints.

There’s also 3 other tariff plans – Basic for $49, Professional for $99 and Custom for $199 a month, with varying sets of features and supported number of fingerprints. You are also given the option to pay for 3, 6 or 12 months in advance and get a discount.

Pros and cons


  • High level of confidentiality: One of the key features of Undetectable Browser is the protection it offers against financial scams and cyber attacks. The browser also ensures you have safe access to websites that are unavailable in certain regions. Users can choose to camouflage their IP address and not just collect the data they need, but also protect their real info.
  • Account warm-up: It’s quite a trifle to manually warm up the dozens and hundreds of accounts you make, especially if you’re trying to avoid them being perceived as spam. Just for this, Undetectable Browser has a separate bot that warms up accounts for the first 3-5 days.
  • Saving resources: Undetectable Browser has features for memory-saving and regularly cleaning out cookies when using a VPN, which significantly reduces the device load. This is especially convenient when working with energy-intensive verticals, such as finance or crypto.
  • User-friendly interface: The Browser is easy to use and intuitively-simple when it comes to navigating it. All stored data is conveniently distributed across different tabs. That’s what makes Undetectable Browser the perfect option for newbies looking to launch their first ad campaigns.


  • No autofill: Autofill is not available for a lot of forms, which can be a real pain if you’re working with a ton of accounts. Still, if you’re willing to fiddle around with API settings and write some scripts, you can solve this problem.
  • No mobile version: As of this moment, Undetectable Browser still lacks a mobile layout. However, you can use the desktop version to imitate mobile user accounts if need be.

Rating and reviews

In recent years, Undetectable Browser has been getting mostly positive user reviews, currently sitting at a whopping 100/100 rating. Users consistently praise its well-thought-out features and convenient and user-friendly interface, and also how easy it is to manage multiple accounts. Though some people poke at the fact that certain configurations need to be purchased separately. This can be a costly endeavor but really depends on your personal needs.

Suitable for

The target audience for Undetectable Browser is extensive, but it best suits people working with finances or blocked websites. In particular, the browser helps you streamline activities when working with the crypto, gambling and betting verticals. Undetectable Browser is also a favorite of affiliate marketers and SMM, E-commerce and dropshipping experts.