VMLogin – capable of replacing multiple computers with virtual business profiles from one browser

VMLogin, the anti-detect browser, has been specifically crafted in China to ensure anonymity when working as a team to boost your business. This service offers distinctive solutions designed to safeguard not just users’ personal information but also entire brands. VMLogin enjoys global support and is particularly renowned in regions such as Europe, China, Indonesia and Russia.

Key capabilities

  • Separate environment: With the help of a VMLogin profile, you can create a totally independent virtual environment for your work activities. Cookies, local storage and cache files will become completely isolated and therefore, protected.
  • Simple automation: Any routine task can be automated in VMLogin via web-drivers like Selenium or Browser Automation Studio.
  • Managing business activities: Thanks to its account sharing and transfer features, you can manage your team’s ability to access the browser’s business accounts and distribute specific roles and tasks.


VMLogin seamlessly integrates with a wide range of software, encompassing web applications, automation bot for online tasks, and various anonymity-enhancing tools. Additionally, the browser provides support for multiple payment systems, including Bitcoin, FPX, Alipay, and more, offering users flexibility and convenience in their transactions and operations.


VMLogin has a 3-day free trial version with limited functionality. It also has several group plans with advanced features – for $99, $209 or $499 per month, depending on the number of people in the team. Also, if you pay for the entire year or choose a custom plan using a QR code, you’ll get a 25% discount.

Pros and cons


  • Affiliate marketing support. Vmlogin proves to be a valuable tool for conducting advertising campaigns through multiple advertising accounts. It plays a crucial role in risk mitigation and the verification of blocked resources to prevent the unauthorized use of a brand.
  • Targeting check. The browser can assess how efficient your ad placements are by emulating users from different devices and GEOs. It can also easily and quickly clean up any useless or dead links.
  • Web-scraping. VMLogin algorithms are capable of replacing entire offices with less resource-intensive profiles in the form of a single virtual browser. It can be set up quickly since it already has all the tools you’ll need, saving you RAM and power.


  • Narrow focus: This browser is basically tailored for large-company business processes and isn’t really fit to deal with other goals and tasks, especially when it comes to lone-wolf specialists.
  • Not enough integrations: Despite being integrated with a number of platforms (mainly crypto ones), VMLogin doesn’t have too many 3rd platform partnerships and therefore can offer less features than other entries on this list.

Rating and reviews

VMlogin is praised online for offering a comprehensive approach that includes features like a custom DNS server configuration, mobile browser emulation, and even fingerprint recognition technology. However, according to users, what brings the service down is that it has no unlimited trial version and does not support macOS devices.

Suitable for

VMLogin is particularly well-suited for users who prioritize time efficiency and security when it comes to managing extensive business activities. This anti-detect solution goes beyond resource conservation and enhancing SMM account management; it also assists in task allocation and monitoring of task execution within a single team, streamlining and securing various aspects of the business process.