How to use antidetect browser for affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a promotion strategy where the advertiser uses the services of a wide range of third parties. Each partner places advertising material on their resource: be it a website, blog post or social network. Afterwards, he receives a reward every time a client makes a purchase using a unique affiliate link associated with their referral. Affiliates only need to recommend a product or service to their audience through any platform where they have a following, and after that they can then earn a commission on every sale generated as a result of their marketing.

Due to the fact that affiliate marketing does not require a large investment to start and provides many opportunities, it is therefore quite scalable since you are not limited by your own capabilities to increase the supply of the products you sell. But in practice, you can only scale it if you find a solution to the account management problem.

What is the best way to improve affiliate marketing development?

Frankly speaking, using multiple accounts is definitely considered a best practice in affiliate marketing because it can expand your reach and opportunities. By using separate accounts for each product or area, you, obviously, can increase your authority without risking weakening it. Likewise, you can conduct various marketing experiments without risking your main account. Additionally, having multiple accounts focused on the same area can provide more opportunities to attract and retain traffic, which will ultimately lead to more sales. The ability to implement both strategies, definitely, is a significant advantage for anyone seeking success as an affiliate marketer.

What are the risks?

The problem is that well-known platforms such as Facebook, Google and Instagram prohibit the use of multiple accounts by one person and are constantly working to develop more accurate and targeted methods for detecting multiple accounts: from subtle differences in behavior or account history to similarities in profiles multiple accounts.

There is a high risk of immediate blocking of all your accounts as soon as even one of them is marked as suspicious. Account recovery occurs infrequently. If you don’t mitigate your risk with a reliable solution, a ban could be around the corner, so you’ll have to start all over again and rebuild your audience, authority, and trust.

How can you avoid blocking?

The main thing is to make sure that all your affiliate accounts are completely separate and look natural. Although this is not an easy task, our antidetect browser can help you with this. Because each virtual browser profile has its own customizable fingerprint, you only need one device to create hundreds of them.

It is important to note that when you access any site that tries to read your digital fingerprint, it will be one of these created profiles that will be shown, and not the actual data on your computer. Each of the fingerprints represents a real device, information about which was obtained by collecting it on trusted sites. In addition, you can connect a VPN/Proxy to your anti-detection browser. This way, you can create and use a network of accounts for your marketing tasks, the size of which is practically unlimited.