Rating of iOS anti-detection browsers for traffic arbitrage (March 2024)

Mobile anti-detect browsers are used by webmasters working in the traffic arbitration industry, not only for safe surfing the web and searching for information, but also for receiving free traffic and boosting behavioral factors. To solve various key problems when using shareware traffic, you also cannot do without a mobile anti-detect browser.

Not so long ago, in our other article, we discussed mobile anti-detect browsers that can help in receiving shareware traffic on Android phones. In this article, we have collected for you the top best mobile ADB (anti-detection browser) for iOS. Save the selection to your favorites so as not to lose it.

Onion Browser

Free anonymous browser for iPhone and iOS, based on Tor.

Main features of the application:

  • Automatically switches to the version of the site with an SSL certificate – HTTPS.
  • Allows you to visit restricted .onion sites that are only available in the original Tor browser.
  • Blocks all scripts that can collect information about you. Sites will not be able to collect information about the sites you visit, your requests, and other online activities.
  • Automatically clears cookies.
  • Protects against dangerous connections. If you connect to an infected Wi-Fi, the browser will protect you from possible unpleasant consequences.
  • There is only one drawback, which the developers themselves report, and that is the slow operation of the Onion browser. This is due to traffic encryption and data transmission through the Tor network.


One of the popular browsers on iOS for safe surfing the web.
Main functions:

  • Built-in ad blocker. Pop-up advertising banners and automatically playing videos on websites will not burn traffic and overload the system.
  • Blocks trackers and scripts that monitor user actions. There is also a setting for blocking levels. You can set how well your browser will protect you online.
  • You can create a blacklist of unwanted sites, permanently block the sending of cookies, and so on.
  • Information about blocked trackers is saved. In the settings, you can always track how many and which trackers were blocked over a certain period. This way you understand how many times the browser has protected you. And you can clearly understand which potentially malicious sites you might have caught the tracker on.
  • Independent issuance. Quite often, search engines adjust search results to your previous queries and provide resources where, based on your user profile, they can easily sell you something. And the existence of an independent search engine will save you from these inconveniences and will always show correct results.

Ghostery is available on iOS, Android, and as an extension for web browsers. There is a free version. The paid version starts at $4.99 per month.


Absolutely free, positioned as a private browser on iOS. It differs from other applications in its wide functionality for users.
What does RedApp offer to the user:

  • Built-in ad blocker.
  • Blocking trackers.
  • Protection of user privacy – cookies and browsing history are deleted (strictly at the user’s request)
  • Access to history, passwords and logins only via Face ID or Touch ID. The user can save personal information in a folder on his own device and only the user will have access to the data.
  • Complete anonymity. The browser hides browsing history, replaces digital fingerprints and general data about the user’s device, down to the operating system version.
  • Customizing the user interface. You can change the color palette of the tabs, the theme, and also the color scheme of the interface.

Firefox Focus

The official browser from Mozilla Firefox. Available on iOS and Android.
Main browser features:

  • Protects against detection of the real fingerprint of the user’s device. The browser prevents different sites from collecting information about your operating system and other information.
  • Ad blocking.
  • Warns about malicious sites. As soon as the user lands on a potentially dangerous page, Firefox Focus will immediately notify you about it.
  • Blocking trackers and scripts that collect personal information.
  • Automatically clears all data about the user’s access to the Internet: cookies, history, passwords, any completed forms, and so on.
  • Increased interaction speed. By hiding pop-ups, scripts and trackers, pages load faster.

The browser is free by default, but premium features are available for an additional subscription fee.


A browser that was created specifically for Apple devices. Therefore, it works very quickly on iOS and is very comfortable to use.
This mobile anti-detect browser for iPhone offers many functions:

  • Blocks scripts and trackers. iCab will block all trackers and scripts that collect personal information about the user.
  • Replaces the user’s device fingerprint. This is necessary so that suspicious sites cannot recognize the user’s device, model, screen resolution and OS version. The browser replaces the device’s personal fingerprints. As a result, sites that collect personal data see only fake information about the user. Almost complete safety is guaranteed.
  • Blocks ads. ADB blocks pop-up banners and annoying push notifications.
  • Blacklist of sites. Add unwanted sites to the list and they will not open in the iCab browser.
  • Incognito mode. By default, data about the user’s search queries is saved, but if maximum anonymity is needed, then incognito mode is used.
  • Saving pages. The user selects the desired pages and can visit them offline.
  • Full screen mode. Ability to hide unnecessary user interface elements for a more comfortable surfing experience.
  • Wi-Fi protection mode. If you enable this mode when connecting to public wireless networks, access to many of the gadget’s functions will be blocked.

You can use the browser for free, but there is also a PRO version with a subscription fee.


Private Browser Deluxe is a free anti-detection browser for iOS. It has one of the highest ratings in the App Store – 4.4.
Main features:

  • Complete ad blocking. In addition, the anti-detect browser blocks software that collects information about the user’s interests for subsequent targeting of advertisements.
  • Replaces the device’s digital fingerprint. Tracking systems will not see real user information.
  • The ability to save your personal data in a separate folder on the device. It can only be accessed via Touch ID or Face ID.
  • Substitution of real IP address. It is impossible to track and save user actions.
  • 4 built-in search engines: Google, DuckDuckGo, Yahoo and Bing.


One of the fast and secure private browsers for iPhone and iPad. Available to users completely free of charge.
Offers the following functionality:

Blocking ads and scripts that collect information for advertising networks in order to further personalize targeted advertising.
Blocking various systems for tracking user actions.
Availability of incognito mode.
Substitution of IP address and digital fingerprints. For information collectors, Snowbunny replaces real data about the user’s device.
Work in full screen mode.
All passwords and logins for further auto fill are not saved.


Anti-detect browser for iOS with a fairly good rating in the App Store – 4.7
Advantages and features:

  • Completely anonymous surfing on the Internet. Incognito mode hides the real IP address, replaces the device’s GEO location and erases all traces of activity.
  • Built-in ad blocker. Forget about annoying pop-up banners and unnecessary advertising. ADB also hides the user’s interests from advertising networks.
  • Automatically deletes personal data: browsing history, passwords and logins. It is possible to save personal information in a secure folder.
  • Functional incognito mode. In this mode, cookies are not saved and anonymous search is enabled without taking into account previous user requests.
  • Stores different cookies for one site. Every time a user opens the same site, the recognition system will see a new person.
  • Automatic translation of pages into the language set in the device system settings.
  • Removes search data from iCloud.
  • Automatically blocks trackers.

The application is paid, but there is a free trial version for 2 weeks.

VPN + Tor Browser and Ad Block

Anti-detect browser 3 in 1. Includes an anti-detect browser, high-speed VPN and a built-in ad blocker.
Main functionality:

  • VPN replaces the user’s IP and encrypts traffic. Anonymity in this case is guaranteed.
  • Ad Block will not only protect you from advertising, but will also increase the loading speed of Internet pages by hiding pop-up windows and push notifications.
  • Built-in protection against potentially dangerous sites. If the user tries to open a site that may pose a threat to the device’s data or security, the browser will display a warning.
  • Personalization of saving cookies, logins, passwords and browsing history. The user independently chooses which sites will store personal data and which will not.
  • Protect browsing history tracking from routers and ISP.

Versions available on iPhone, iPad, Mac and Android. The browser is mostly free, but you’ll have to pay up to $10 to use most of the useful features.

Private Browser

A simple mobile anti-detect browser for iPhone and iPad.
The following functionality is available to users:

  • Built-in VPN with a large number of available geo connections: Germany, some states of America, Australia, Japan, Canada, Singapore.
  • Ability to set up a four-digit PIN code – only the user will have access to the application.
  • Protection from annoying advertising. Antidetect blocks pop-up banners, advertising windows, self-playing video elements and other similar advertising structures that interfere with pleasant surfing on the Internet, steal traffic and slow down page loading.
  • Incognito mode.
  • Protection of user personal data. Tracking scripts and trackers will not see cache and cookies. User-specified data, including browsing history, is erased in a couple of clicks.

The browser (with limited functionality) is free to use, but a paid version is also available. App Store rating: 4.5.

Perfect Browser

Convenient antidetect browser with the ability to personalize the interface.
The main features of this ADB:

  • Ad Blocker – blocks all advertising on pages. Thanks to blocking, traffic is saved and website loading speed increases.
  • Ban on suspicious sites and pages. The user can add individual pages or entire sites to the blacklist, and they will not open automatically. In order to open them, you will have to confirm the action.
  • Regulated user personal data manager. Saving data and auto-filling forms can be turned on or off at the user’s discretion.
  • Anonymous search results. Search engines will not be able to adjust search results based on previous user queries.
  • Automatically delete query history, files, cache and cookies. The function can be customized for a specific user, allowing you to save some data about some sites and prohibiting others from doing so.
  • The user can save pages for offline access.
  • Dark mode and over 100 different color themes.

Both a free version and a PRO version with a one-time payment are available to users.


Now you have the opportunity to get acquainted with information about mobile antidetects that can be used to arbitrate traffic on Apple devices. Be sure to save this information so you don’t lose it. These tools will help you bypass detection and enable you to safely and efficiently handle traffic on Apple devices.